Request for Proposals: National Community Development Plan




The Government of Lesotho (GoL) has identified social protection as a priority area both in the National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2012-2017, National Social Development Policy and National Social Protection Strategy (NSPS). The strategy stipulates the need for creation of linkages between social protection, complementary programmes and interventions in other sectors. In order to strengthen the linkages the Ministry of Social Development developed a Community Development Model.  The model aims at graduating households into sustainable livelihoods through linking social assistance with livelihood interventions. While the model clearly identifies the pathway to sustainable livelihoods including the pillars and overall strategy, it does not provide comprehensive package of interventions.

Purpose and Scope

The overall objective of the consultancy is to provide technical support to the Ministry of Social Development in drawing a national community development plan to guide the implementation of the Community Development Model.

 Specific objectives:

  1.  Assess and Design of a social protection plus package and preparation of an implementation plan (Social protection plus package under pillar 1)
  2. Identify barriers that prevent poor households to access the markets; ascertain solutions to address those barriers; and prepare an implementation plan (Facilitating access to markets under pillar 2);
  3. Assess and identify how markets can be developed to accommodate the poor and vulnerable communities (Developing markets under pillar 3); and
  4. Identify policy and institutional barriers to socio-economic development and prepare an implementation plan to remove those barriers (Enabling environment and institutions under cross-cutting pillar 4);


Full proposals must be submitted in ENGLISH and must be received by no later than 12.00pm. Proposals may be hand delivered or couriered to UNICEF South Africa, Equity House 659 Pienaar Street (Cnr Pienaar & Waterkloof Road), Brooklyn, P.O. Box 4884, Pretoria, South Africa, 0001.

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