Media Workshop – journalists partnering with UN agencies in Lesotho

media workshop 1The United Nations Communications Group (UNCG) held a media workshop on the 29th of September, aimed at building partnerships with media, and stimulate the journalists’ interest to report widely, in-depth and regularly on the activities of the United Nations agencies operating in Lesotho. The workshop was based on the realisation of the important role played by the media in promoting the development agenda, informing and educating the public, and showcasing results based on UN activities in partnership with the Government of Lesotho and Non-Governmental Organisations. The training also had the aim to promote journalistic competence and identify promising journalists who can receive further training in order to specialise in reporting on UN activities.


The UNCG is aware of the structure of the media in Lesotho, polarisation and its commercial nature: journalists write stories that sell to fulfil their economic interests and at times political interests. “If a story bleeds it leads and sells”. This presents a complex scenario where economic interests can outweigh the duty to constructively serve the public interest. Through this intervention, the UNCG believes it succeeded in its objective to promote regular publishing of accurate, timely, non-sensational, reliable, and objective UN oriented stories.

media workshop 2